Healthy Living Ipswich


70,000 copies each month

  • High quality full colour gloss publication
  • Delivered to in excess of 63,000 homes
  • Bulk drops at key public access points
  • Exclusive opportunities for local business

We invite you to become actively involved in the Ipswich Hospital Foundation's aim of encouraging the wider Ipswich community to become more aware of how their choices effect their individual health, to encourage residents to become more active and to highlight the simple things that we can all do to become the healthiest community we can possibly be.

We are excited to announce that we will be publishing a monthly full colour gloss magazine - Healthy Living Ipswich - beginning May 2014. The magazine will highlight the work of the Ipswich Hospital Foundation and provide informative advice and inspirational editorial content to encourage residents to join with us in our goal.

Exclusive advertising opportunities are available to local businesses to become a partner in this exciting publication, offering unrivalled coverage of the greater Ipswich market (70,000 copies) and targeting a growing demographic of health conscious readers seeking ways to improve their own lives, whilst sharing positive stories of individual achievement.